Litter Relaxing

Litter relaxing is the ideal solution for horse and pets

Litter relaxing is the best litter to date on the market – the only one whose benefits have been widely recognized and appreciated at global level

Horse litters which are available nowadays are rather old and detrimental to horse’s health. They also represent a toxic threat to the environment.

Sawdust, shavings, hay range from a medium – low to very low absorbing properties, additionally, they require a more accurate and expensive management as they need to be replaced very frequently.

Shavings and sawdust are physically able to release microdust – the main reason why 8 horses out of 10 suffer from inflammatory disease. Moreover, the persisting humidity enhances the bacterial load within the box, triggering a wide array of conditions.

The passion and love we fell for this animal, conjoined with the commitment to respect the nature, have been crucial in developing this product which is changing for good the world of horse care.

Five stars treatment for your horse

Litter relaxing merges two visions: prioritise horse’s health in a thoroughly ecofriendly manner

It prevents respiratory diseases

Litter relaxing is the best bedding solution for any horse, especially those which are hospitalized for respiratory disease

Easy to use

Our 10 kg bag is very resistant to the adverse environment conditions. Bags are easy to carry and store.


The paper contained in Litter relaxing retains the mineral salts and removes the ammonia, so that it exerts fertilizing properties which are already very appreciated by many famous wine makers

Flourishing look

The horse will be always dry, clean and odorless so that daily operations will be easy to perform

Litter relaxing is obtained from cellulosic material - shredded paper.
The end-stage product is able to provide the best performances in terms of absorbance, odour control, keeping the highest standards for the horse.
Litter Relaxing s' array of properties has no equal on the market - they have been tested and clinically verified.

Enhanced decoying ability against odours compared to other bedding solutions
It prevents micosis, infections
It halts the whole process leading to hoof diseaee
Highest absorbing capacity (far better than Hay and pellets)

Litter relaxing is wood, dust, surfactant free.

Litter relaxing is the only litter able to tackle the issue of disposal – as other bedding solutions are toxic and difficult to treat. Litter relaxing , once removed from the box, can be used as fertilizer

University of Salerno – has clinically tested and analyzed the properties of Litter relaxing . It officially reports that litter relaxing is harmless for the environment as well as for human health  - it does not contain chemicals – metal particles – aromatic and non aromatic hydrocarbons – dioxins and furans. It can be also used as fertilizer.


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