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How did Litter Relaxing come about?

Litter relaxing was born more than 10 years ago in Eboli, a city in the province of Salerno. The Di Canto family, former owners of Di Canto S.p.a, a leader in the south of Italy in publishing logistics. The massive presence of unsold copies of daily newspapers, mixed with a passion for The Horses, provided the insight for Vito Di Canto, the group’s founder, to shear the paper and test its absorbent capabilities for which the paper is known, in his stables.

Through a subsequent process of refinement, Vito Di Canto patented Litter Relaxing, which, thanks to Donato, his son, began to be appreciated internationally by athletes and stables.

In addition to horses, Litter Relaxing is used for herds of dogs, chinchillas, alpacas, reptiles and cats. It is the only litter on the market to be clinically tested and approved by Dr. Alessandro Centinaio–founder of the Heath Clinic–the leading European authority on horse health.

The eco-friendly litter for your pet's well-being

Litter relaxing is for those who care about their animal’s well-being without compromise. Legislative regulations being passed, having attested to the toxicity of chipboard, for years passed off as a biodegradable material, will reinforce fines for those who use it.

Animal welfare and environmental friendliness combined in one product Litter relaxing .

Busta Lettiera in carta ecologica Litter Relaxing

How is Litter Relaxing used?


The initial layer also known as " First Litter" is created.


For box size 3x3m, 15/18 bags are used, for box sizes up to 4x4m, 20/22 bags are used


Instead, 8-10 bags are used for each horse up to a maximum of 12 per month depending on the amount of the animal's droppings


Urine is absorbed and is confined to one spot, excrement tends to remain on the surface since the coat is very elastic and comfortable.


Only the area affected by feces and urine on the surface is removed, and the litter box is removed by making it aerated


There are explanatory videos on our youtube channel

Applications of Litter Relaxing

Lettiera in carta ecologica Litter Relaxing cavalli


Provide your horse with maximum comfort with our recycled paper bedding. Easy to manage and suitable for all sizes, it creates a clean and relaxing environment. The perfect choice to ensure your equine friend has a peaceful rest, with a sustainable touch to care for our planet.

Lettiera in carta ecologica Litter Relaxing cani


Easy to use and suitable for all sizes, it provides a clean and relaxing environment for your dog. The ideal choice for your four-legged friend’s well-being, recycled paper litter is versatile, ensuring comfort and hygiene.

Lettiera in carta ecologica Litter Relaxing animali


Dedicate the comfort of all your furry friends, even the most exotic ones, with our recycled paper bedding. Suitable for all species, it provides a clean and comfortable environment. The ecological choice to promote the well-being of every creature, ensuring hygiene and sustainability.

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