The amount of Little Relaxing heavily depends on the box size

The abovementioned quantities tent to form the main layer of the bedding which should be changed every 8-12 months

Box Size

Box 3 x 3 m. 20 Bags

Box 3,5 x 3,5 m. 23 Bags

Box 4 x 4 m. 25 Bags

Set up

Once the box has been emptied out, Litter Relaxing bags have to be opened and the litter spread throughout the full surface of the box.

For the daily management of a sigle horse the quantities needed are:
1.5 / 2 bags per week


Due to the elasticity of the paper, solid debris remain on the surface of the bedding. Urine instead gets absorbed by the paper which forms solid patches – very much visible and easy to remove

It is needed the remove of the patches where debris lie on and replenish those areas with new fresh litter

It lasts three times more

Cleaning times reduced

The bedding does not need to the aereated

Management costs cut by 40% on average

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