Horses with allergy?

The best solution is Litter relaxing

The most recommended litter to be used for horses affected by allergies is Litter Relaxing.
Lettiera ecologica alpaca
Most people ignore the that the wooden-chips litter currently used are to blame for developing respiratory inflammation and horse-allergy, purely because this kind of litter is nothing but compressed wooden-dust.

Allergies and inflammation are caused by microparticles which are airborne, commonly known as microdust – not to be mistaken for the dust you remove upon cleaning the furntirue surfaces.

With the word “dust” we do highlight a category of substances fluctuating in the air, which are able to penetrate the respiratory systems of the animals.

Such wooden-chips litter’s dust will be inhaled by horses for the years till the point of inducing chronic inflammation, severe to mild form of allergies and a lot more.

It is deemed as dust-free, but wood shavings are DUST themselves!

The molecular structure of Litter Relaxing, the absence of dust has been helping many breeders and athletes with horses suffering from a vast array of inflammation and allergies.

Litter relaxing is the most recommended litter by majority of equestrian vets.

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