Litter Relaxing is wellbeing

Litter relaxing is a very innovative bedding solution being anallergic, antimicotic, chemical-free and the most comfortable litter your horse could ever lie on:
Litter relaxing is the environment-friendly litter, patented and entirely produced in Italy from chemical-free shredded paper – the ideal solution for horses and pets alike.

Litter Relaxing is Ecofriendly


Litter Relaxing - 100% Made in Italy

Litter relaxing is the litter patented and made in Italy - The ideal bedding solution for horse, pets and other animals

Completely anallergic

Litter Relaxing exerts anti mycotic properties and it is anallergic, thus it is the most suitable and versatile solution for any horse, dogs and even reptiles.

Dust free

8 out of 10 horses suffer from cronic respiratory inflammation, due to the dust which is present in shavings and sawdust - obsolete bedding solutions. The biochemical properties of the cellulose – the main element in paper – guarantee a complete dust free environment, preventing conditions that dust implies.

Top absorbing quality

The paper used to make litter relaxing is physically speaking, the best absorbing material on the market. The power of our litter it is the only scientifically proven. This implies less material to be used, mores time saved and reduced costs.

Thoroughly biodegradable and eco-friendly

Litter Relaxing is a soft and elastic layer which provides your horse with utmost comfort and sanity.

It prevents hoof dises

Humidity is the enemy number one for a horse – it allows infections as well as damages to the hoof, the most delicate part of the horse. This leads to very serious range of conditions, which in the medium term, end up requiring expensive care – sometimes with no result. Litter relaxing has the highest absorbing factor – clinically proved -  so the box environment will always be completely dry with no risk of infection

Enchance the beauty of your horse

Horses spend a considerable amount of time in their boxes. A clean box is for a clean and healthy horse. Our litter allows  a much easier process when it comes to horse-care and management. The body remains dry, shiny and odorless.

Litter relaxing is certified


Clinica della brughiera, one of world’s most relevant authorities in terms of horse health, it has clinically tested and recommended this product and all its properties. The benefits of litter relaxing – anallegic – dustfree – highest absorbancy – have exerted increbile benefits even on hospitalized horses. Thus it is the only litter officially recommended and clinically tested



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